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Suggested format for the BIC Learning Log
Reference the reading or video the APA 6th edition style.

Record a brief description of what it was about
How does the content relate to the relevant lecture for the week?
What responses do you have to the reading or video e.g. fresh understandings, opinions, insights or questions
What connections does the related additional reading or video have with the required reading or video? Does it reinforce or critique the ideas in the required reading/video?

Carroll, A., & Buchholtz, A. (2006). Business & society: Ethics and stakeholder management, Mason, Ohio: Thomson South-Western.

Huck, P. (2014, February 14) Protestors slam fossil fuel industry, New Zealand Herald, Retrieved from
This article mainly introduce the stakeholders and the relationship between the stakeholders, business and society. What is the stake in stakeholder? What kinds of stakeholders has? What are the strategic approach and multifiduciary approach? The relationships between the stakeholders and firm.
Week 5 lecture 1 was an introduction to the stakeholder management. It advocated that to better manage stakeholders so they will contribute to the goals of the business. It also described that the steps to identify the stakeholders with the different treatment standards. With regard to the article, it told us how does so important to treat the stakeholders with the right way.
This article deeply discussed of the importance of stakeholders to business. Through the deeply introduction of the stakeholder, I’m better acquainted that the reason why the business have to treat them better. According to the different aspect of the points to support this article, this article’s point is becoming more convincing and the readers are able to totally understand what the stakeholder is.
The business news took about the people strike to against that the Westpac loaned the money to mining company. The Protesters think this may lead to climate change and had stop. Some protesters also ask the Westpac to remove $1 from the loan because they are the customer and they have the right to do that. According to the Carroll and Buchholtz’s article, customer are the primary stakeholders therefore the Westpac have to treat them careful. At the same time, most of the protesters who are interest of stakes may affected by the climate change. Westpac have to consider carefully to decide if this loan could bring the benefits over the harm because this loan may affected too many stakes.
Hubbard, J., & Smith, N. (2010). The legal environment of business: an outline (2nd Ed.). (Pg147-154). Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson.

Savage, S. and Fisher, D. (2014, February 19) Company’s debt ‘not personal