Briefly Describe Its General Purpose Of The Internet

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Briefly describe its general purpose capture photos and share them on their profile.

2. Describe how you interact with it (what you do with it. Do you like using it? What kind of content do you post or share? How do you interact with others who also use the site?) follow friends follow celebrities - to see what they're doing, keep updated post day to day photos - e.g. food, when you're out and about, selfies hashtags comments
'tagging' system filters 'liking'

3. Consider how the layout, design and text prompts solicit and shape particular discursive responses (e.g Facebook tends to ask, 'what's on your mind?') explore option - search up usernames and hashtags photos are only allowed to be squared popular page home page refer to your liked photos on a separate page

4. Identify the media lineages of the site. That is, what earlier, more traditional forms or genres does it 'borrow' from or reinvent? For example, you could say that Facebook is like a new media scrapbook) mms (picture messaging)

5. Match the site with one trend from each of the three categories listed by Guy Merchant on p. 94 (this week's readings) texts become collaborative and multivocal with replies, links, posted comments and borrowing a move from the control of the author to the control of the reader a sense of space is shared as the local becomes global

This would have lead to a class discussion.
The writing portfolio (My Journal) task is to write a