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Strategic Human Resources

Briggs Myer’s Personality Type


Introduction 3 I. What is the Briggs Myer’s Personality Type test? 4 II. BMPT in today’s mission of Human Resources 5 Conclusion 7 Recommendations 7 Bibliography 8 Websites 8 Books 8


“What appears to be random behavior is actually the result of differences in the way people prefer to use their mental capacities” Carl G. Jung (1875 - 1961) Psychiatrist
Myers Briggs Type Indicator is based on the theory of psychological Type thought by C. G. Jung and published in the 1920’s.

According to this Swiss Psychiatrist, each person has a psychological type. A person is either taking information (perceiving) or
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Here is an example of an individual for whom the MBTI has been a revelation and the start of something new:
« When I learned that I was a strong NF it gave me an important insight on my career path over the previous thirty years. I started as an elementary particle physicist, gave up academia to form a solar manufacturing business, and then taught computer science and consulted on information technology issues until my mid 50′s. The whole time I felt a need to organize and run conferences around these topics, and I didn’t really understand why.
Suddenly the arc of my professional life made sense. I had been continuously moving away from the T-focused (Thinking) work that I was good at and had been told I should pursue and towards the people-oriented/inspirational/consensus-seeking work I strongly preferred. My thirty years of organizing conferences had been about facilitating connections between people, a preference of mine that I had always been drawn to but never acknowledged.
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