Bright Dead Things By Ada Limon Summary

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Diamantis Datil

In the book Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón, Limon speaks of the journey of life in a way that can relate to the reader. Limon does this by discussing the days of her youth in a way that reminds the reader of their own childhood memories, bliss, and simplicity. All around Limon's poems can be interpreted differently depending on the experience each reader has had which is why I think this book is great due to its personal connection to the reader.
In the text Limon uses many references and memories from her childhood. The significance of her child hood is shown from the very title.
"When I was a kid, I was excited about carrots, their spidery neon tops in the garden's plot.
And so I ripped them all out.
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In this moment she is just riding on the back of her dads Harley a moment in time before everything in her life changed. The last line speaks to the reader because it talks about the bliss in moments that you would not realize. Although she was young and on the back of a Harley, which many kids may be afraid of in that moment, to her that moment was bliss because it was a time before she had to face the larger obstacles in her life. In the poem Home Fires Limon states "Not a kid anymore, there are no pretty victims/ or greasy cavernous villains spitting blazes. (96)" This quote can be interpreted as furthering her idea of the simplicity of childhood. When you are a child it is easy to tell what is good and what is bad, but as you get older the line between hero and villain becomes fuzzy. In the book Limon talks about her parents’ divorce. In divorce things suddenly are not as clear as they once seemed. During a divorce usually you can't point your finger at a bad guy because they are your parents. However, I also think that with that quote she could be using the villains as metaphors for real world issues. Once you become an adult issues become more complex than a villain and you become more than a victim who is waiting for a hero to come protect