Bright House Managerial Position Application Questions Essay

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Bright house managerial position application questions
What excites u abt workin for us
I love the fact that bright house is continuing to grow this is visible on the high street as I have noticed more stores opening up and this excites me because I would love to be able to be apart of the growth and development by being able to contribute my skills and competencies. Having been able to work with similar products in the past during my time at Argos and being someone who likes to keep up with the top brand products out on the market, I would relish the opportunity to be able to offer my advice and product knowledge to customers. I am excited at the thought of being able to utilize my skills and develop my strength in a friendly atmosphere as I have found on my recent visit to bright house.

What skills can u bring I have a lot of customer service experience in the retail field, generating sales, exceeding targets, and being able to build and maintain excellent customer relationships. Explain how ur previous experience fits in wiv us the skills I have gained in my previous roles are I feel the skills required for the role at bright house these include; Maintain an excellent level of customer service at all times and build lasting customer relationships
Effectively supervise and lead a team to achieve all sales targets
Ensured the successful implementation of store standards in merchandising.
Control all stock, ensuring product depreciation and maintenance is managed to budget, in order to maximize product profitability
Complete and reconcile regular stock inventories
Recruit and select colleagues in line with the Company