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Bringing it all together

Fiction Creates Characters:
She is a very shy, and timid young women who in the grand scheme of the social class would be mid way between lower and middle class. She is also very self conscious of herself and what she has when compared to others particularly women. We never actually learn her name as she is the one narrating also. A lot of her personality is explained through the very plot of the story in how she is mentally strained when trying to compare herself with her new husbands deceased first wife. Her personality and character are expressed through her reactions to the events occurring in the story and how she manages them.

Characters Want Something:
The protagonist wants to feel present for lack of a better word. She feels as though she is in the shadow of the deceased wife of her new husband and that her being still stands between them due to her popularity and likeability amongst many. That is the story behind the new wife’s fear or self esteem issues but the presentation made by the author to describe her within the story is quite dark and you as the reader at least in my case felt more drawn to the second wife than Rebecca due to how Rebecca was described as a scary un appealing person. The goal of the protagonist is clear, for her to feel necessary. Then there is Rebecca whose spirit still lingers and causes torment for our protagonist and a bit for her former husband. The husband (Maxim) wants to hide the secret that he killed his deceased wife because of her stress and mind games she played on him.

Fiction Illustrates Change:
This protagonist who is not really one to stand up for her and attempts to do things to avoid confrontation due to her personality finally settles down and believes she has found a new husband and home. Then as their marriage begins she realizes she is competing with the deceased wife of her new spouse and she doesn’t even understand how to show the good in her that everyone apparently saw within Rebecca.

Fiction’s in Authors Created World:
The main character, as in the second Mrs de Winter struggles with alienation or originality in a way due to the fact she doesn't have any real background to fall back to because she has no family, friends, or associates of any kind. She constantly is afflicted with the sense of alienation as she comes into relationship with Maxim and his upper class lifestyle and business entrepreneur type colleagues. – who’s lifestyle and principles are much different to her own social status that she is accustomed too. This is the very Cinderella like story and world the author creates for our characters to get the ball rolling because with these problems being told through out the eyes of our unknown protagonist we see her problems as if they were our own. We feel her difficulties dealing with self-consciousness because of her lower class social status and her lack of experience when it comes to manners of the higher class and procedures of Manderley where obstacles such as making telephone calls, writing letters etc. These are just common and required of her in this new life of hers. This is the world the author creates by placing us in a rag to riches story and even though it should be a happy story it turns into turmoil when our protagonist is fighting internally with herself and this affects her outside relationships.

Characters Succeed or Fail:
The protagonist I found to succeed as well as her husband Maxim because they were both having the same problem in their own variations. They were scared and bothered by Rebecca and they both succeeded I getting over this when the house burned down and they could escape Manderley and the spirit of Rebecca.

This particular story seems to take place around the 1970’s or so and the story consists of remarks to new technology and higher classes. I find that the story could take place in the 21st century because all of the same aspects would apply to the more modern story as well.