Examples Of Recommendations And Swot

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Recommendations and swots Recommendations
I would recommend that to improve, @ Bristol try to reduce the amount of conflict between stake holders they could do this by keeping each stakeholder happy so they are less likely to argue and also make compromises with the stake holders so that they keep satisfied with the business. Another thing I would recommend is that @ Bristol ask for as much feedback from their stakeholders as they can then they can improve on the feedback that the stakeholders give them. Also they could improve by getting more charities interested in their business this would help because the more charities that are interested the more likely they are to sponsor them. Another improvement that they could make is to advertise their business more as it would get more stakeholders interested in their business therefore they would have more feedback that they could use to improve their business this would be good because the more feedback they have the better their business gets. A few weeks after completing a mystery shopper for @ Bristol I went back to their business and they had not improved any of the things that I had stated on my mystery shopper so I would recommend that they react on the feed back that their stakeholders give them. Swots
@ Bristol have many strengths the main one of these are the fact that they are able to keep their stakeholders happy this is good because it is hard to keep that many people happy all at one time especially if they have different ideas about how the business should be run (conflicting interest). Another strength is that they have a lot of stakeholders at present; this is good because the more stakeholders they have the more they can get help and advice from them. They also have a variety of stakeholders that other businesses do not have for example charities this is a strength to @ Bristol because they get opinions from different kids of people and each stakeholder has a different opinion of what is right for @ Bristol as a business. Weaknesses
One of their weaknesses is the fact that @ Bristol is run by charities because they are not that reliable as they do not get that much money each month to keep the business going especially in the time of a resection. Another weakness that they have is the fact that they do not reply to the stakeholders feedback, this is bad because they have the feedback and they could easily use it to improve @ Bristol but they don’t . Also when they do improve something that a customer has left bad feedback about they could tell the stakeholder that they have acted upon their feedback and that