Brita Products Company Essay

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Case Presentation : The Brita Products Company
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Table of Contents Background: 3 ACNielsen Market Simulation Study: 5 Problem Analysis: 6 Customer Lifetime Value Analysis: 8 Ten scenarios of Brita’s marketing investment: 9 Recommendations: 10


The Clorox Company was a major manufacturer and marketer of laundry additives, household cleaners, charcoal, auto care products, cat litter and home water purifiers. In 1987, Charlie Couric , a marketing executive, charged
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Brita’s advertising in the United states emphasized a taste benefit.

Current Situation: The small company, PUR, had emerged with the impending launch of its faucet-filter system that mounts directly to consumer kitchen faucet. The new product offers health and convenience benefits that the Brita pitcher cannot. While Brita still maintains an overall dominate place in the market, the company must continue to evolve its brand and offerings to ensure that lead. In addition, Brita’s promotion of fresh taste was being challenged. Their primary competitor, PUR, was being publicly sited as having greater technological abilities in its filtration process than Brita.
Also, PUR was planning to step up promotion. It had hired Cathryn Rings , former head of P&G’s Max Factor Cosmetic business.
Also, there were some talks that P&G was about to take control of PUR. PUR becoming part of P&G implied better marketing for PUR and more enhanced attack on Brita’s market share.

Brita Pitcher system vs. Faucet Mounted System

ACNielsen Market Simulation Study:

Clorox commissioned a simulated test market from ACNielsen. In the study, 567 respondents characterized as water involved and drawn from eight markets across the united states were exposed to real buying environment consisting of display of