Essay about British American Tobacco (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd - Strategies Planning & Management

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Content Pages 1. Executive Summary 2

2. Introduction 3-4 3.1 Company Background 3 3.2 Organisation Structure 3 3.3 Cultural of Company 3 3.4 Leadership Style 4

3. Analysis 5-10 4.5 External Environment 4.6.1 General Environment – PESTEL Analysis 5 4.6.2 Industry Environment – Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis 6 4.6 Internal Environment 4.7.3 Vision/ Mission 7 4.7.4 Long Term Objectives/ Grand Strategies 7-8 4.7.5 Business Objectives/ Strategies – Value Chain
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“Your Voice” includes three processes of Listen, Decide and Deliver.

3.4 Leadership Style
The current Managing Director of BAT (M), William Toh Ah Wah encourages the transparent style on leading method. Therefore, the Standard/ Principle of Business Conduct are applied for leading and to ensure the governance on decisions and judgments made by all employees is legal and comply with regulations (British American Tobacco Malaysia, 10th April 2012). BAT (M) used this standard as a requirement to its employees’ behavior and honesty so that it can effectively prevent unwanted issues such as conflict of interest, corruption, insider dealing, whistle blowing and misuse of company’s resources.

3. Analysis 4.5 External Environment
3.1.1General Environment
PESTLEI Analysis

Sources: 1) British American Tobacco Malaysia, Regulation and Engagement 2011 2) British American Tobacco Malaysia, Operating Responsibility 2011 3) British American Tobacco Malaysia, the illegal cigarette trade 2011 4) British American Tobacco, regulation and lobbying 2011
The unpredictable changes in the environment are the critical factors for British American Tobacco Malaysia to set the planning strategic. The changes of external environment factors like political, economic,