British Army and Ellie Essay

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Chapter 1, A Warrior’s fate Colyn Savior takes his brother’s unfinished job and goes through training with Nick Ewell to become capable enough to finish the job. Colyn gets hold of the sword of Michael which allows Michael to stay in his inner world and allow Colyn to use Michael’s power. Colyn meets another Warrior named Ellie Pheonnom, secretly a British officer, and slowly, they become friends. Chapter 2, The Revolution Colyn joins the army to learn more of his brother’s death and what he was set up to do. Colyn notices that both American and British armies are targets to demons and that the American army is more targeted than the British army which confuses the Warriors among the army who hide their identities. Ellie who wields the sword of Gabriel possess a special power in which she is capable of allowing a certain Warrior to pass through life and stand before God and be judged on their powers, if they are clever enough to use the Power of God to defeat Geryon. Colyn and his comrades set out to find Ellie in order to defeat Geryon.
Chapter 3, The demon’s clutches A demon named Myzora possesses Colyn and places his mark on his chest which allows him to take control of his spirit and heart fully but not his mind and thoughts. Due to the demonic presence in Colyn’s inner world, Michael is kept away from Colyn and not be able to reach Colyn. After this, Colyn’s body is taken over many times only to kill and massacre those around him. Ellie is sentenced to death for treason (helping out Colyn) and she is sent to London. Colyn is also blamed for treason and mutiny by his fellow comrades and officers but luckily escapes from his punishment. Colyn leaves to save Ellie from getting executed but he is targeted by the 13 Element squads.
Chapter 4, The Power of God Colyn manages to save Ellie but he must defeat some enemies to reach Geryon (Edward, Myzora). As he finally defeat Myzora and see Michael again, his final task was to defeat Geryon by passing through God’s barrier to obtain God’s Powers. Colyn engages in a tiring and fierce battle with God (through Michael) to pass God’s barriers but he loses with disappointment and misery. However, he finds a solution to the problem and finally manages to pass through God’s barrier and obtain His Powers. Meanwhile, Geryon had defeated the 13 Element squads and goes to turn the city a living hell but Colyn arrives and effortlessly beat up Geryon. Enraged, Geryon reveals his true form (thousand times stronger than before :OOO) and attempts to kill Colyn but he, combining his own powers with God’s power, gives Geryon a final blow which sends him to the deepest circle of hell.
Chapter 5, The Equal enemy Two months after the end of the war, mysterious kidnap and murder cases occurring especially in Virginia. The 13 Element Squads predict that these cases are done by people called the Monstrum, people with special powers and abilities very similar to the Warriors, hence the name ‘The Equal enemy’. The Monstrum is led by a former Warrior named Allens who intends to erase the existence of Warriors and create world destined for himself and the Monstrum.
Chapter 6, Dear brother Allens, knowing about Colyn, sends one of his subordinates, Conrad Souest, to defeat Colyn and take the Sword of Michael. Conrad is equal to Colyn but he is much more advantaged because of his striking resemblance to Cain Savior. Colyn engages in several tiring battles with Conrad and in each battle, he hallucinates, seeing Conrad as Cain which holds back Colyn from hurting him. At the same time, Allens sends out his top 12 subordinates to take out the Commanders of the 13 element squads so that they can put an end to the Squads. Colyn learns that Conrad has a young brother whom he loves the most.
Chapter 7, Tainted past Colyn is very distraught by his losses to Conrad and asks Michael for help. Michael tells him that a slight fear is creating hallucinations and visions that holds him back and