Geoffrey Chaucer 'The Five-Or So People You Meet In Heaven'

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The Five (or So) People You Meet in Heaven: British Author Edition
Geoffrey Chaucer: So, what did everyone want to be when they grew up and how did that lead you to write? When I was little my father was a wine maker and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. As I got older I wasn’t really worried about my proffesion I just did not want to end up a bafoon like many of that time. I had to voice my opinion on that.
Jane Austen: To be honest, I had always wanted to become a writer, growing up my siblings and I were encouraged to read books from my father’s extensive library. My sister Cassandra also took a liking to literature and there was no doubt that one day we would collaborate on a published work.
Anthony Burgess: When I was little I never had a troubled childhood like the characters of my novel, I wanted grow up to be succesful just like any other boy. It wasn’t until I was married that my wife was raped and assaulted and I realizsed that violence is a unavoidable fact of human life.
J.K. Rowling: For me my childhood in Yate, England was pretty comfortable. We were a family of humble economic means unlike Harry. I was compelled to write from the perspective of a child who did not have the same type of life as me.
Dr. Seuss: Growing up my friends called me the class clown. I always enjoyed humor and it led me to write for my colleges humor magazine The Jack-O-Lantern.
Michelle: When I was a little girl I really wanted to be a bird. I always said that I would be a red cardinal and never stop flying. Although I do not want to be an author, I would like to be a doctor and am currently working hard to get there.


Dr. Seuss: How does everyone feel about rhyme? My motto has always been: A book with no rhyme is surely a crime.
Geoffrey Chaucer: I do enjoy rhyme. I think an elegantly portrayed beautiful rhytm hads multiple traits to a piece of work.
Jane Austen: Well, I prefer