Essay about British Colonies

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The establishment of the British Colonies in my perspective could have been the hardest times of America. Starvation and other things was what made it harder, getting used to a different land and trying to apply their culture on different ground. I think is very interesting how the English people believed in god and how they would appreciate certain things, how they loved the place where they landed and they never gave up. The English people saw this land as a land of freedom that’s why the Pilgrims decided to come to America looking for a religious freedom in another land. It makes me think a lot of positive things towards the Americans I like the fact that I get to know and learn the beginning of the United Stated through this stories and to appreciate this land. People from the British Colonies as a whole acknowledge life more than people from now days. The way they leaved and how everything was made by their own hands. Cultivating and constructing their place of leaving is what makes Jamestown a precious and unique land. This subject is more than important not just for us students that are majoring in a certain career, but to the whole country because it makes the people realize how hard is to progress and become something important. It is worth to know from where everything started and to be thankful for the land that we have now. It’s very relative to today not just to the United States but to other countries too. I have still seen a whole family leaving, eating,