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British Culture & Society
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British Culture & Society


The face of the £100 note

British Culture & Society



British Culture & Society


Early life
• Born in 1940 in Liverpool (WW II)
• Parents separation
• His moms death in 1958
• Getting in trouble as a child

British Culture & Society


• dropping out of college before the fnal year.
• Beatles were struggling creating a name in the music industry back then.
• trying hard in Germany. Until 1962 when they signed to EMI. And had become world wide phenomenon • press tried to make him look bad and quoted him saying BULSHIT. Which drove people mad.
British Culture & Society


The 5 best John Lennon Solo songs
• Instant Karma (We all shine on)
This song encompasses everything John Lennon stood for, such as: peace, love, understanding and involvement.
• Dream
Only John Lennon could get away with a song like this.
• Woman
Lennon expresses and confesses his fascination with Yoko and talks about the lingering power of the female. • Working Class Hero
Lennon had put this song together to express his issues with his fame and his feelings towards them, which were responsibility and stress.
• ‘Whatever gets you through the night’
It was John Lennon’s only #1 solo single.
British Culture & Society


John Lennon Death
• December 8, 1980 in New York City, United

British Culture & Society


• 1960s: the Beatles became very popular in Britain with hits like ‘Please Please Me’, ‘She Loves You’ and
‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’.
• John Lennon with other young men became superstars. Their fame spread to the United States and the Beatles became the frst British band to achieve a breakthrough in the country.
• His debut solo album ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’ was released in 1970 and received much critical acclaim and commercial success.
British Culture & Society


A "silver" record award presented to John & Yoko to mark the sale of 250.000 copies of their Apple
Record of Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by Disc Magazine, 1969 in the United Kingdom
British Culture & Society


Academy Awards, USA: 1971: Won Oscar Best Music, Original Song Score for Let
It Be (1970) shared with Paul McCartney; George Harrison; Ringo Star
BMI Film & TV Awards: 1988 to 2003: Won BMI TV Music Award from or The
Wonder Years (1988), Grace Under Fire (1993), for Providence (1999)
Brit Awards: 1977: the Beatles won The Brit Award for the Best British Group

1982: Won Brit Award category Outstanding Contribution
• Grammy Awards:
1982 : Won Grammy Award Album of