British Empire and Rachel Sorokin Period Essay

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Rachel Sorokin period 5

1. Where did France colonize in the new world? what was the focus of french colonization? Last to colonize in the real world was the french. Established in Quebec and commanding st lawrence river. To earn money through fur trade was the focus of french colonization. Beaver pelts are waterproof, fashionable, and warmth. 2. What region in North America did both France and Britain view as critical to their colonial empires? The ohio river valley was up for grabs between the france and Britain. how did the albany congress foreshadow the american revolution Leaders by 1754 called for an intercolonial congress to albany and New york and nearby the iroquois indians country. Also Benjamin Franklin talked about the copper snake putting pieces together foreshadows how they had to come together to break off from the mother country.

what role did mercantilism play in creating discord between British authorities and the colonist? ATB­ Mercantilism is government control on trade, the government at the time was ran by the
Stamp Act was a tax that was on paper or printed documentation (newspaper, contrast, etc) ATB­ Write 5­7 sentence paragraph describing the key similarities and differences between the first and second continental congress. 1st CC Happenings 2nd CC met in 1774 in Philly to discuss the intolerable acts

Lexington and Concord revolves to the battle of
Bunker HIll

met in 1775



olive branch petition

Not all met in Philly

tried to attack Samuel Adams appoint George washington and John Hancock

the majority of the colony

ATB­ What was the last major battle of the American Revolution? What were the terms of the treaty of Paris The last major battle was the battle of Yorktown. which was in modern day Virginia, treaty of paris 1783 john adams, john jay, Benjamin franklin, henry lauren. the mother country gives the US recognition. and they couldn’t prosecute loyalists. ATB­
What negative qualities of the Articles of Confederation do you think are going to have the greatest impact on early American History?
Taxation could not be enforced which pushed the people more into debt from the war and collecting taxes but not promoting the purpose of taxes and letting them choose if they want to give money. each state only gets one vote which the bigger states felt it was unfair to them because of their size. Congress was intentionally weak which shows how the central government doesn’t have the right structure to improve.
Friendship and Alliance never unity which makes you question what kind of unifications is this? ATB­ What were some of the major compromises made in the creation of the Constitution?
The great compromise with legislative branch the Virginia Plan based on population and New jersey called for equal representation. Virginia­