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Grade 7 Geography PRIME Unit
Five Themes of Geography Review
See class website for completed versions of the Regions and Environment and Interaction worksheets
Define the words of PRIME and give an example
Place/location. Can be found using latitude/longitude or an alphanumeric grid. An example could be a city like Ajax or your house
Region _________________________________________________________

Definitions 1. ___interaction | 6.___relative location | 11.__offshore fishers | 2. ___absolute location | 7. ___alphanumeric grid | 12. ___flow | 3. ___system | 8.___ place | 13. ___longitude | 4. ___geography | 9. ___movement | 14.___latitude | 5. ___environment | 10. __endangered species | 15.___region |

a) the volume of people, products, and information that move along a system b) a plant or animal species that is at risk of becoming extinct c) the description of the location of a place in relation to other places d) physical surroundings and conditions, especially how they affect people e) a bounded area: a locality such as a town or city f) imaginary lines drawn across the earth, drawn parallel to the equator g) fishers that fish the deeper waters away from the shore h) the opportunities and challenges as humans live on the earth i) the description of the location of a place independent of any other place j) a pattern of routes that connect places together k) a part of the earth’s surface that has similar characteristics through its extent l) imaginary lines drawn across the earth from the North Pole to the South Pole m) the study of the earth’s surface and people’s relationship to it n) a way to find the absolute location using letters and numbers o) the flow of people, products and information

Identify the locations of A,B, C, D, E using latitude and longitude. Include the hemisphere Letter | Latitude (N/S) | Longitude (E/W) | A | | | B | | | C | | | D | | | E | | |

Name 3 types of physical regions /3 mks 1) _________________________________ 2) _________________________________ 3) _________________________________

Name 3 types of human based regions /3 mks