British Literature Poems analysis Essay

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I believe that the views of the pre-first world war poets differed to a great extent Compared to the poets of the First World War and after. The First World War brought with it great destruction and loss of life. This loss of life and destruction was something that could be felt throughout society during the war and after. Almost everyone at that time knew someone who was a participant in the fighting of the world war, thus the news of someone they knew for example their neighbor being killed was heard quite often by society. They soon also started to see veterans with amputated limbs, which also brought about a negative psychological impact amongst the people of society. Therefore this steadily led society to adopt a little bit of an anti-war standpoint and started to become people who preferred settlement without war compared to the people of the post world war one, Victorian era in which it is reflected by the poems that patriotism was greatly associated by fighting for the country and that veterans were considered heroes and their presence was similar to that of celebrities.
Beginning with flanders fields we can feel the presence of the pre world war psychology as it was a call out to from the dead veterans to the living to carry on the fight with the enemy and avenge them and not make their loss of life be in vain as it states, “Take up our quarrel with the foe…” I believe that these dead veterans in the poem consist mostly of the older generation that still greatly associated patriotism with fighting for their country. Compared to the present and younger generation through which some hesitance has been began to be felt as otherwise their would be no need for this poem and this call to the living, in other words this poem could be seen as a push to the younger generation to go fight as they were seen as being hesitant as they had slightly been exposed to the ugliness of war.
“The hollow men” by T.S. Elliott goes on to discuss the lives of some men with psychological problems and although it is not directly