I Spent In My Life

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Spending every summer, from the ages 10 to about 16, in Orlando to St. Pete. I HATED IT!!!

Nothing from the summers were enjoyable at all. I was beaten once and mostly verbally abused

by my step mother. The most memorable summer was the year 2008. I spent every agonizing

minute with my father’s wife. We never got along, and this summer my dad had surgery, being in

and out the hospital. One day i was on myspace, where i am friends with my step mom, dad and

step brother, meaning i had to share everything with two strangers. I wrote something on my

page, my step mom saw it, and she wanted o fight me. Got in my face dropped my 6 month old

little brother and pushed me around. And wanted to call the police on me. A the time my dad was

in the hospital, clueless of everything going on in the house. the day after we went to see him. He

took her side, of course, and i ended going home.

I dreaded the long car rides to St. Pete. it would be too hot in the back seat, because my

cousins insisted on riding with us to drop me off. Summers spent with my dad and his wife was

the vacation from hell.I spent most of my time in my jail cell reading. for two months I looked at

the same four walls, slept, and read books. I lived life through my books, to avoid the people and

problems on the other side of the door. Little did i know that summer would be different.

Watching my mom and cousins pull off through the window was apart of the routine. it felt