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Brittany Evans
Mr. Ward
College Prep English
December 1, 2014
Although the Mars Inc. candy company attempts to sell their snickers bars through a crudely humorous advertisement aired in 2012, they have created a wave of discussion about women in American society. Women have always been considered inferior to men. Male dominance is so universal that it is considered the norm. With this, women are expected to be modest, but are subjected in the media. Society has created a social norm for the way women are expected to act and this has fuelled debate over feminist ideals.
Feminists will express that women are shown immodestly in the media. This has never been more relevant than in the 2012 Snickers advertisement where a woman is shown sitting on top of a man with her back facing the camera wearing only underwear. The man struggles to unhook her bra while wearing boxing gloves. The words ‘Snickers Satisfies’ is displayed on her lower back where one would expect to see a tattoo commonly known as a tramp stamp. People have targeted this tattoo placement and categorized women as sluts. Society has made it an expectation for women to be modest.
While the advertisement may seem immodest to most, the only aspect of the advertisement that appears to be immodest is the assumption that she is in front of a camera. This is an example of the modesty expected from women. The body is simply a working biological object. People have put a taboo on characteristics that are specific to gender and American society as a whole has made sex an uncomfortable topic; however, sex is everywhere. Human beings are a clear representation that sex has worked. Once people recognized that sex was a link to reproduction, they created laws such as marriage, but “once religion and law get into the act, everything becomes more complicated and artificial” (McNeill). People are not willing to accept that sex is a natural part of life and is necessary. Society has categorized women as sluts whom have made their sexual acts publicly known (just like with the tramp stamp). The fear of judgment has fuelled the modest behavior in women.
Gender stereotypes play a huge role in the way women act. “Every time we see