Personal Essay: Personal Experiences In My Life At War

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Every day I think about you and how my life used to be when I was back living at home and had the ability to see you whenever I wanted to. It was already hard for me to go a day without seeing you, and now being at war, the need to see you is even more greatly valued. Life at war brings me to a whole new and different perspective on life. It makes me really think of the possessions that I took advantage of and came so easy to me. I am not able to call you up and ask if you want to stay home and watch movies with me. I’m not able to stay up all night on the phone with you, and then sleep-in the next morning and wake up to a “good morning” text from you. Coming to war has also made me realize and value the true safety that we have back at home. There are more things that I am now aware of that exist in life that worry me about you, which are far greater than you getting home safe after driving at night. These experiences are eye opening and at times; I breakdown because the emotions from witnessing the damaging events create this powerful sorrow that leaks into my body and forces me to become weak. It is challenging for me to stay strong without you by my side, but in my eyes, a soldier represents a symbol of strength and courage. To help me keep my strength and courage, I carry a picture of you and me in my pocket. Every time get down on myself or have a mental breakdown, I pull out the picture of us and I remind myself that life is remarkable and grand. This picture reminds me that I have something to look forward to and I have someone that cares about me. Knowing that