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Goodman School of Business, Brock University
MSc in Management: Statement of research interest
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Your statement of research interest should be one page (single or double spaced). Use of this template is not required. Please submit this document with your online application via your account.

Please provide the admissions committee with a detailed overview of what research you plan to pursue while in the MSc program and how this research is related to your future academic and/or professional plans.
As an interdiscipline, management is a subject which studies basic rules and general methods of management activities. Management came into being to accommodate the requirement of modern socialized mass production. The purpose of it is to study how to increase productivity level through reasonable organization and configuration of human resource, money and goods under the current condition. Therefore, in order to adapt to the society and realize my career goal, I choose to study management to improve my competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and considering my advantages, I choose to study marketing for further study.
My undergraduate program included core business coursework such as Finance, Purchasing Management, International Marketing, Marketing Management, Management of Marketing and Sales Channels, Economics. My graduation thesis, Huan Yan, supervisor, was on the topic “Problems of Chinese convenient stores and solutions.” I have been in Canada since September 2014, in an eight-month program at York University in Toronto, improving my English skill. All of these laid strong foundation for the future development.
The process of marketing is very complicated, including 4P, i.e. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Marketing strategy makers should choose competitive prices, marketing channels, and promotion means based on a full understanding of competitors. Consequently, marketing majors should have strong analytical abilities, innovation capacity, and a clear mind, which I attach great importance to. At college, I organized a research on marketing program of Great Wall Auto as a team leader, responsible for collecting information about relevant marketing methods, communicating and coordinating with team members, improving research plans, and applying 4P theory to the program. Besides, I took part in the National Advertising Competition for College Students, a competition aiming to improve students’ ability in making advertisements and innovation capacity with a theme of promoting new e-products. During the competition, I made use of new media technologies such as mobile television, microblog, WeChat, etc. Notably, my team encountered a problem in deciding on the core idea of our marketing plan. We spent a whole month raising different ideas, only to be voted down by our adviser. As last, we managed to put forward a satisfying