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Exam questions could draw on other aspects of the Blocks, but here are some of the more important themes that these often crop up on the paper. Dont forget to include relevant case examples from the K101 module. Block One Tensions and pressures facing carers- paid and unpaid Boundaries in care (paid and unpaid) why are they important Caring as womens work. Caring, women and skills does it come naturally Recent changes in care provision e.g. direct payments and involvement of private providers. Differences between social care and health care the biomedical and other care models. Service user involvement in planning services how can this be encouraged and what are the issues Although the guidelines say that no questions will be asked on Unit 4, you might find it helpful to remember the principles of care practice (potential, preferences, services, confidentiality, voice) as they could help to prompt you in a range of questions on other issues, such as boundaries and care relationships. Block Two Why is knowing about someones past life useful in care contexts Groupwork and group life success and limitations Reminiscence groups- what they are, how they work, what is needed Life story books - what they are, how they work, what is needed Lennox Castle - historical records and personal experience The importance of attachment (Bowlby)and identity Block Three Barriers to accessing primary health/social care and ways of addressing them How minority ethnic groups may be discriminated against in care and how this can be addressed How can healthy communities be encouraged How can social exclusion be addressed or minimised The importance of local involvement and national initiatives in neighbourhood renewal. Block Four How physical, social and psychological environments contribute to care provision and care relationships Public and private space in care contexts Moving to obtain care and the effect on well being Goffman and institutionalisation is it inevitable and is Goffmans model relevant today Case