Brogues: Shoe and Pointed Toe Cap Essay

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The brogue is a style of low heeled boot or shoe traditioanally characterized as a multiple piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations and serration along the pieces visible edges. The brogue shoe originated in Scotland and Ireland and was constructed using untanned hide with perforations, allowing water to drain in wet weather conditions.
The word brogue came into English in the late 16th century from the Gaelic (irish&Scottish) brog “shoe” and from the old nurse brok meaning leg covering. The word brogue was first used to the describe an outdoor or country walking shoe in the 20th century tradionally worn my men. The shoes were never considered as dress shoes or for casual occasions but now days they are considered appropriate in most contexts.

They’re most commonly found in one of 4 toe cap styles and 4 closure styles.

Full or wingtip

A full brogue also known as wingtip are characterized by a pointed toe cap with extenstions that run along both sides of the toe, finishing near the ball of the foot. If looking from the top this toe cap style is W shaped and looks similar to a bird with extended wings, which explains the name “wingtips”
The toe cap of a full brogue is both perforated and serrated along its edges and includes additional decorative perforations in the center of the toe cap. A shoe with a wingtip-style toecap but no perforations is known as an "austerity brogue", while a plain-toe shoe with wingtip-style perforations is a "blind brogue".


A semi-brogue is characterized by perforations on the toe cap and some serration on the edge of the cap. There is also some decorative perforation in the center of the toe cap. The distinction with a wingtip is the absence of the W shape design on the toe cap.


Quarter brogues are characterized by a cap toe with decorative perforations and serrations along the cap's edge, however, unlike semi-brogues, quarter brogues have no decorative perforations in the center of the toe cap.


Longwing brogues as the name suggests have a pointed toe cap and longwings effected by the W shape design. Longwings differ from wingtips because the wing design runs the full length of the shoe and meet at centre seam of its heel.

An Oxford is a style of lacedshoe characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs that are stitched underneath the vamp, a construction method that is also sometimes referred to as "closed lacing”


A Derby shoe is a style of shoe characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs that are sewn on top of a single-piece vamp. This construction method, also known as "open lacing", contrasts with that of the oxfords. The Derby became a popular sporting and hunting boot in the 1850s. By the turn the 20th century, the Derby had become appropriate for wear in town.


The ghillie style of full brogue Oxford has no tongue and long laces that wrap around the leg above the ankle and