Broken City Poets Movie Analysis

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Reading the title of this documentary “Broken City Poets” gave off an immediate feeling of tone and theme. From a documentary to a poem I believe every form of art should generate some type of tone and theme for its attended audience. This film centers on a group of kids learning to find emotional connection through writing poems about their broken city of Stockton, California. With the help of work shops and teachers these group of kids learn to find safety in the writing of poetry. Using what they have learned these group of kids were challenged to participate in a poetry slam to share their personal Stockton living experiences using tone, language and feeling to capture raw emotion of their city through poetry. The setting taking place in such a rural place like Stockton, California sets the poets up for a good writing theme and a good theme for the film its self. With Stockton's crime and living situations the setting helped develop the theme for this film. The theme for this film can be viewed in several different ways. One way I viewed the theme was empowerment, for those kids who chose writing poems over the temptation of the streets. The overall theme I felt was giving the youth of Stockton a voice through journalism and expression. They in return use their journalism to express the problems …show more content…
The teacher said something that stuck out for me, she says “language is empowerment”. I thought that was very important for people to understand the power they hold with the words they speak. The tone and deliverance of a message could have the power to change someones perspective on life if delivered the right way. These kids used the forceful tone to get their message heard about the brokenness in the city of Stockton. Thats what I believe the teacher was trying to get the kids to understand when writing poetry to an attended audience, the theme and tone could make or break you