Essay on Broken Homes and Juvenile Delinquency

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Juvenile Delinquency has been an important area of study since the turn of the twentieth century. And has reached to a point where it is now considered a social phenomenon. When we look into the word social, it could be viewed as an issue that has to do with the way we are socialized into society. However, for this purpose we would have to look at some very important questions like: How is the concept of juvenile delinquency defined? Who commits delinquent acts? How much delinquency occurs each year? Is the rate of delinquent activity increasing or decreasing? What can we do to prevent delinquency?

A juvenile delinquent can be defined as participation in illegal behavior by a minor who falls under a statutory age
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Literature Review:

Secondly, at this point is where I would do my literature review to get some background into the study, and to determine if anyone else has done work on my topic, and also what was their finding. As any good sociologist/researcher knows that this should be your first step in doing research, and since this is a major social issue presently, and has been around for a while, there must be research and reported findings into the topic. Some of the findings may be accurate, whilst others may not be. But this gives you a starting point. Having done my literature review it was found, there has been lots of research into the study of juvenile delinquency. However, in terms of the effects of absent fathers and broken home.

This phenomenon has been researched in depth by various persons before. The following are some of them. Some of the factors that play a part include conflict within the family, a lack of adequate supervision and/or rules, a distinct lack of parent-child attachment, instability, poor home life quality, parental expectations, out-of-home placements and inconsistent discipline (Shumaker, 1997). …………………………..

Time Frame:

My research would be done over a period of three years (3). This would enable me to observe persons over a period of time, and in so doing I could vary my subjects instead of