Broken Poitics Essay

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Broken Politics, Whats to blame?
There are many conflicting reasons why our nation’s politics are broken. I do not believe that there is one underlying cause for the brokenness but rather a combination of multiple different things. The motivation of the politicians, it seems to be more common that the politicians are running more for the money than for the good of the country. Another major part in the broken system is our bipartisan system. How can two completely opposite political parties come together and create any good for our country? The campaigning for any political position is another one of the reasons our politics are broken. And lastly it is how we as Americans take freedom for granted.
Motivation - Politicians have so much to gain and so much to lose. These actions are caused by the value of currency. Because the value of the dollar decreases it inspires those with power to make more of it. Advertisement is not free - People do not work for free. Corruption begins at these values. Immoral determination guarantees the negative outcome of selfishness/greed. If our common goal is to be wealthy; Somebody must be cheated out of a deal. According to Claudio Ferraz and Frederico Finan authors of Motivating Politicians: The impacts of Monetary Incentives on Quality and Performance, “For many, monetary rewards are the principal motivation. A growing theoretical literature has shown that increases in monetary incentives affect both the types of politicians that run for office as well as their performance” (Claudio Ferraz) Because we are so different - What are we all directly living towards? Too much diversity creates too many ideas which influences us to expand our government
Political parties of two shall divide our country in two!! - The moment we recognize ourselves as opposing teams shall we create conflict amongst ourselves. This proposes we stop acting united and debate two sides of which could be right and could be wrong. One party could find a cure for cancer and the other party would vote it down just because they don't want to give any credit to the other side. According to research done by George Edwards III, Andrew Barrett, and Jeffery Peak “Presidents oppose significant legislation more often under divided government, and much more important legislation fails to pass under divided government than unified government. Furthermore, the odds of important legislation failing to pass are considerably greater under divided government. (George C. Edwards III). We might as well be two countries fighting against each other. Our country was founded under God (which apparently nobody abides by anymore). Whether or not anyone agrees towards religion, the principal should remain the same. There should always be the separation of church and state but our common bond should be not to judge, but to accept! Judgment is God’s work. God is not a multiple entity - If we abide by those rules there should only be "one" political view that agrees with majority of the nation.
Deception of ourselves – The majority of people hate being wrong. We don't like to accept fault. We rehearse perfection and expect perfection. Because of this we often are not willing to risk the chance of those who might benefit us, perhaps an average joe to…