Bronx Masquerade: The Tough Girl

Words: 314
Pages: 2

In the novel Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes, Amy is characterized as an emotionally and mentally tough girl emotionally who is also jealous. Amy is characterized as a tough girl because she has been through a divorce of her parent. After her mom left them, Amy remembers her dad saying, “We both needed to toughen up, that we need to learn to stand on our own” (Grimes 102). Her dad is just making it clear that she does not have a mom any more, so she needs to learn how to be the mom of herself. She also did not like her father because he did not care about her, he was just putting his anger of the divorce on her. When Amy is diagnosed with appendicitis her dad does not seem to care about her. The only thing he does is, “Just walked beside me,