Brother Dear Bernice Friesen

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Stories cannot be shared without a narrator. It is critical for a story to include a narrator because the reader gains the feelings and understanding of the characters through the narrator's point of view. The reader is able to manifest the framework of the story and delve into the mentality of the characters. Based on who the narrator is within a story, this can guide readers to various interpretations, therefore, it is important to consider the reliability of narrators in a text and review their regularity and truthfulness. Sharlene in the short story "Brother Dear" by Bernice Friesen is an unreliable narrator. This is simply because the perspective of the story is coming from Sharlene's personal bias as she is unsure of herself.
Sharlene is a grade eleven adolescent who has
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However, his father doesn't agree with Greg's newfound teachings, causing arguments to unfold and tension to build in their relationship. Sharlene is present during these arguments, listening to the ill things her father says regarding Greg. This has a big influence on Sharlene, causing her to view life and her brothers actions from her father's eyes and not her own. "Sometimes I don't believe Greg is real. It's like, I know he exists…but not in my dimension," and "I won't come home some weekend with a screwed up head like Greg," Sharlene states in the story. When viewing Greg through her controlling father's perspective and not her own, Sharlene is not being fair or open to how Greg feels in this situation, neglecting to see it from his shoes making her unreliable.
Therefore, in the short story "Brother Dear", Sharlene is an unreliable narrator since the perspective of the story is coming from Sharlene's personal bias. She is viewing life from her father's point of view and not her own, which does not in any way help her grow, be herself or