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Disclaimer: I don`t own Percy Jackson or any of the characters well maybe Athena that is my real name.
I just had to write a fanfic of Thalia and Nico there my favorite couple( that I wished happened) in the Percy Jackson series besides Percy and Annabeth anyway well hope you like it. And please promise you will Review!!!! If there aren`t a lot of reviews I might not post the next chapter so even if you don`t like it review and if you do can you please. Be warned almost all of my stories end in cliff hangers it`s just me.
-True Goddess or "Tina"
She won`t Love again
Thalih is still trying to get over her Ex-Boyfriend Luke he was cheating on her with a mortal girl named Jane. She caught them making out in her apartment it`s been three years but it still burned in her chest especially when she saw her pregnant. She vowed to never fall in love again no matter what. But will I certain someone make her change that promise?
Thalia`s POV
I was playing on my guitar and trying to find the right lyrics to fit it. The guitar music sounded great it just the lyrics weren`t coming out right there was a rapid knock on my door. "Wait a minute"., I yelled it was likely Annabeth coming to talk me about my cousin Percy. I opened the door and she ran in smiling brightly, "Percy is going to propose I'm positive this time I actually kind of asked his assistant to spy on him". "Your an interesting little thing aren`t you", I smirked "Whatever Thalia he will propose he asked me to go to a that restaurant I built in Italy". "Anna listen I know you love Percy but I really just want to order some pizza get a movie at red box and make you where some black". She just rolled her eyes at me calling her Anna and said " I`ll order the Pizza" we had a blast. And I made her wear all black my goal was finally accomplished.
5 months later
The Wedding "I`m not wearing that I let you do this to my hair but definitely not"! I let Annabeth curl my long black hair that I finally grew out it was half way down my back but I was cutting it tomorrow unless I forget. "Oh come on it`s just a blue dress and lipstick your eyes will stand out". I wasn`t really mad at the lipstick or.. well okay the hair did make me mad and the dress but it was that Percy`s good friend Nico and I have to walk down the aisle together I haven`t ` seen him since I went on an errand for my dad in the underworld (really long story). But I just grimaced when she gave me the dress and quickly put it on and strapped on yes I can`t believe it either gray heals. Clarisse, Amanda (Annabeth`s half sister), and me helped her into her beautiful dress, complements of Aphrodite well actually everyone`s outfit even Percy`s. She also did Annabeth`s hair and makeup. Done Annabeth you look gorgeous well... yea gorgeous if I say anything Zeus and Athena will both kill me there was thunder in agreement, she looked at me weird like she knew something was going to happen she nodded and giggled and pranced off. Then this really hot guy walked in he hugged Annabeth congratulated her and waved at Clarisse and Then stopped at me his jaw dropped. He was hot! I`ll admit that not like Apollo my half brother but way better to me, he had short dark brown hair that was smoothed back and dark eyes to match he was pretty pale but it suited him he was about 6,0 feet, did I mention how muscular I he looked like a tux model. "Thalih", he said my name softly it gave me chills then it hit me oh my gods I think Nico Di' Angelo is hot!! "Hey Nico It`s been awhile you got mus-I- I mean taller you got taller he smiled and said, "You grew out your hair it.. you look great-I mean it looks great. I blushed red ,before we knew it was time to walk down the aisle I slipped my arm threw his nodded towards Annabeth and her dad and smiled reassuringly at both of them when we walked down the aisle and went to the separate sides I was a little disappointed to leave Nico`s side.
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