Brown Sugar Essay

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Brown Sugar is a modern love story that was written by Michael Elliott and Rick Famuyiwa. The film is based on a love story between two friends named, Dre and Sidney. Their friendship can be attribute to a single childhood memory. This childhood memory elevated into their careers the day they both discovered hip-hop at a street corner in the city of New York. Fast forwarding to the future, it has been fifteen years, Sidney is now an esteem music critic and Dre is a very successful music executive but is also looking for his big break in the music industry. As they begun to lay down the tracks towards their futures, they realized that hip-hop was not the only thing that kept them coming back to each other and blossoming that one special moment …show more content…
Because they have this very strong bond a friends, having a romantic feeling was not a big of a deal until the pot boils over and it became a huge issue. They first realized how strong of an attraction they had for each other in their early childhood. They had this special phrase called “Birds of a feather flock together” that was very special and meaningful to them. The couple had the same love that intertwined right from the streets of New York City. They both had a very large quantity of life experiences. In the film, I found it remarkable when they reflect back at their friendship and they cherish their love for one another. Throughout the movie, the too developed a monumental love not just for one another, they developed a tremendous about of love and passion for hip-hop music as well. The love they had for hip-hop was like a glue that bonded them together for life. Through their attraction, they were able to showcase how hip-hop has shaped them throughout the years. In the film, Sidney is an editor for a popular hip –hop magazine called XXL while Dre is executive with a Record called Millennium which was also really successful in helping developing new artists that was interested in hip-hop