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How did brown v board changed america
The change that the Supreme Court court demanded had not happened overnight. Many counties in many States simply refused to go along with it. Sometimes, the problem of integration was rarely ever done peacefully. The first instance of the policy being enforced was in Little Rock, AK. President Eishenhower had to use a section of his military troops to protect the Black students who went to Little Rock Public High under the experiment of seeing whether black students could incorporate themselves in White schools successfully. It was a tense situation, but you saw the policy being enforced.

However, Brown v. Board of Education policy enforcement challenged maybe people's old ways of thinking and what they were accustomed too. People became quickly bitter and this bitterness created fierce hatred from both sides. Bitterness from one side caused hatred from another and hatred from the hatred, only to repaid ever so kindly with even more hatred because of the other side's hatred. This sums up the climate post-Brown v. Board up until 1965. It was this hatred towards challenging the accepted norms that fueled many of the race riots, both white and black, that later itself became the one of the best reasons at the time for signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In addition, when schools were officially integrated many black schools went out of business. Many black teachers no longer were employed and wouldn't be hired in white schools. By