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Mrs. Lisa Ball, Team Lead | D226 | | 469-302-4437 | 4th period conf. | Ms. Alysia Neill | D225 | | 469-302-4436 | 4th period conf. | Mrs. Connie Harper | D201 | | 469-302-4415 | 3rd period conf. | Ms. Rita Torres, Pre-AP | D224 | | 469-302-4435 | 4th period conf. | Mrs. Claire Manley, Math Dept Head | D203 or D209 | | 469-302-4417 or 469-302-4423 | 1st period conf. | TEXT & RESOURCES: Glencoe McGraw-Hill: Algebra 2, and various other resources COURSE UNITS: First Semester Linear Functions & Inequalities Parent Functions Quadratic Functions | Second Semester Quadratic Functions (cont’d) Square Root Functions Rational Functions Exponential & Logarithmic Functions Conics Absolute Value Functions | PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of Algebra 1 and Geometry courses. MATERIALS REQUIRED: Every day in class = Pencil, paper, and math notebook (Composition Notebook, spiral and/or 3-ring binder) Scientific calculator or graphing calculator -- A class set of TI-84 Plus calculators are available for student use in the classroom. Students will use the class set on all tests. You are encouraged to check out a calculator from the library if you do not have one at home as the calculator will be necessary for homework. Get checkout form from your teacher or the library, must be signed by parent/guardian. Please bring a box of Kleenex and a donation of either Ruler, Graph Paper, Colored Pencils, Expo Markers, Scotch Tape will be greatly appreciated.

EVALUATION: Students’ work will be assessed on a regular basis. Assessments will include homework, written responses, informal assessments, quizzes and tests, and projects or performance assessments. Homework problems are intended to help students grasp the foundations of the topic and to experience at least a few applications of those topics. Quizzes and tests will include problems like those in the homework and will also include problems which require the students to apply the learning to other applications. Performance assessments will be treated as test grades. Late assignments may earn a maximum of 70%. All assignments must be handed in prior to the unit test. Refer to student handbook.

GRADES: Quarter grades will be determined using grades from each of the areas mentioned in the evaluation section, above. Formative grades will account for 30% of the quarter average and will include daily checks for understanding, homework grades, and quiz grades. Summative grades will make up the remaining 70% of the quarter average, made up tests and performance