Bruck's Argument Against The Death Penalty

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The first ever execution recorded was in 1608 in Jamestown Virginia of a Captain named George Kendall, for being a spy for spain in the new colonies, almost 410 years ago the death the first ever recorded execution happened for being a spy. Is being for or against the death penalty the correct decision? No one will ever know because its such a complex topic and everyone has an opinion about the topic. Even though the death penalty ensures security for a fair amount of people, the death penalty should be abandoned to a certain extend of when or when not it's correct to execute someone because most times when an execution happens it take away the humanity in human beings, it lacks on education, and it has insufficient justification. First …show more content…
It is unjust in the way if functions. Harry describes thats the death penalty continues with “ Discrimination and mistakes”, and that “The death penalty has failed”. By revealing that, Bruck explains in his reading “I don’t claim that executions of entirely innocent people will occur very often. But they will. And other sorts of mistakes already have.” This is true because Burck also explained the case of Roosevelt Green and J. C. Shaw. Roosevelt was executed because it was believed that him and J.C Shaw murdered two teenage girls, but in reality Roosevelt knew nothing about the murdered girls, and it was J.C who murdered the girls after Roosevelt had left the scene, but yet Roosevelt got executed two days before J.C shaw. Bruck also claimed that “Roosevelt was going to take a polygraph exam, but the state of Georgia Refused to let that happen”. The least the state could do is be fair and do anything possible to make sure the death penalty is actually reasonable and has the correct information to proceed with the execution. Just like in sister Helen Prejean’s book Patrick Sonnier was also executed for a murder that he didn’t do which is unfair especially when nobody does much to stop the execution. The death penalty can also be fair when it comes to the correct situation in where the murderer actually committed the crime and there is enough