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Brueggemann summary Chapter 1

Brueggemann starts with a very good point to the study of prophets; the evidence of the Old Testament and contemporary situation of the church must be looked at TOGETHER. Looking at one another separately causes “enculturation” which is caused in our loss of identity through the abandonment of the faith tradition! Brueggemann believes that convention does not understand what what is really the true issue of in the Israelite understanding of prophecy. His reasonings are; “the task of prophetic ministry is to nature, nourish, and evoke a conciseness and precipitation alternative to the consciousness and perception of the dominant culture around us”. What was interesting is that Brueggemann said that Israel prophecy was bourn with Moses and the moment when the emergence of social political reality is so radical and inexplicable that it had nothing less than a theological case”. That I am not able to full understand the meaning of prophetic imagination unless I see the connection between the “religion of static triumphalism” meaning that God is a far bigger threat to fundamentalists than any statue or untapped oil reserve. God is free, and so are we. Neither Taliban can rest easy while that proclamation is on the loose. For the prophetic criticism section explains that the the Exodus narrative is designed to show just how big the Egyptian empire really was but, more importantly to display how God dismantled this mega empire. Also how oppression and trials that Israel endured from the Egyptian empire were overcome by the practice of justice and compassion. There is major emphasis on the fact that the israel’s history begins on the day when its people no longer address the Egyptians gods who will not listen and cannot answer! That they (Israel) experiences true liberation and freedom when they turn to the free God to take care of them and Egyptian regime. But criticism moves and builds, we start to see empowering cries from Israel to go back to the dismantled regime of Egypt but it is to late, here Brueggemann says that “history has already begun, and the initiative has been taken