Bruh: Want and Free Rider Essay

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Majority of the time in a group project or work place there is at least one person in the group that, slacks off and barely does anything however he/she gets credit for the work. He/she gets away with doing nothing because either his team does not say anything or the manager just allows it to slide. From this case the manager the manager plays a role as Freddie’s enabler. What the manager needs to do in the work place is simply motivate the workers including the free-riders to actually want to do their job. And lastly she needs to show him who the boss is, and he is easily replaceable.
The manager has spoken to him. Provided suggestions and tried to live by an example she says, however she hasn’t made any changes to ignite his interest.
1. If you notice the free-riders just gliding through life, make the tasks have meaning.
I know in my generation, especially me, if I am not interested in something IS simply clock out and the care is gone. However when I see that the task is very important, I work my best to accomplish the task.
2. Bring the other members accomplishments in light.
In this case Freddie slightly knows he’s a free riders; however sometimes free riders have no clue that they are slacking in the work place. The manager needs to be able to sit and compare/contrast Freddies work with his peers. Through this he will see the little he actually does.
3. Provide the workers including the free rider with responsibilities
Giving people a leadership role, goes back to the 1st bullet. It gives the worker something to actually care about, and in addition the workers had to bring their own individual work
5. Establish a relationship with the free rider and simply ask them for advice.
The manager needs