Bruno And Gretel Setting

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One setting which is a very important part of the novel is when the two siblings look out of Bruno’swindow. The window is a very important setting of the novel as it shows Bruno and Gretel for the firsttime what this new place which they are now living in really is. It is also very significant because it isthe setting which starts making Bruno and Gretel question what surrounds their house, why is thefence there for and who are the people on the other side of it. It is told to the reader in chapter 4 that“About twenty feet further along from the garden and the flowers and the bench with the plaque onit, everything changed. There was a huge wire fence that ran along the length of the house and turnedin at the top, extending further along in …show more content…
At the top of the fence enormous blades of barbedwire were tangled in spirals…...In fact there was no greenery anywhere to be seen in the distance.Instead the ground was made of a sand-like substance, and as far as she could make out there wasnothing but low huts and large square buildings dotted around and one or two smoke stacks in thedistance.” (pg. 31-32) This explains in great detail that the other side of the fence was horrible. Pastthe beautiful garden, flowers and bench everything changed. There was no greenery past the fenceonly low huts, large square buildings and smoke stacks. This is not something these two 9 and 12-year-old children would normally see especially when they lived back in Berlin. This made Bruno verycurious about the concentration camp. It is the reason behind why he asked so many questions aboutthe fence and who lived on the other side of it. Boyne has also informed the reader in the samechapter that “Everywhere they looked they could see people, tall, short, old, young, all moving around.Some stood perfectly in groups, their hands by their sides, trying to keep their heads up, as a solidermarched in front of them, his mouth opening and closing quickly as if he were shouting something