Essay about Bruno Mars

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Stephanie Aguilar
Professor Lee
ENGL 1302
2, April 2013

Are you aware of the meaning of true love when the money and the power are sitting comfortably in your hands? In the song “When I was your Man” by Bruno Mars, he expresses his regret of putting aside a loyal woman. Serving him as a lesson learned, he found the true meaning of appreciation of a good woman. Bruno Mars expresses the consequences of his decisions. Unfortunately, his choices threw away an opportunity that was standing at his door step. This song conveys situations in which Bruno Mars could have done more than he did. Throughout “When I was your Man,” he is continually stating things he once took for granted. Therefore forcing him to love and live
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He realized that he was, “Too young, too dumb to realize./That I should have bought you flowers and held your hand./Should have gave you all my hours when I had the chance” (2.6-8.) As an adolescent; choosing to live in the moment are much more meaningful, leaving the adventure’s and fun to be ones adrenaline rush. Causing for one’s self interest to be placed first; rather than the interest they could have had as a couple. Taking a look back his usage of when I had the chance he implies that he had multiple chances to spend time with her, but chose not to pick one of them. Not only was he referring to his time, but the appreciation of her presence. Flowers and holding hands are small sweet gestures that have a great amount of significance. Furthermore he expressed, “My pride, my ego, my needs and my selfish ways./ Caused a good strong woman to walk out of my life” (3.11-12.) Noting he describes himself as a narcissistic human being; when he associates to her as a good woman. In order to keep a strong woman she must be treated right, a major factor he left out while being her boyfriend.
Not only did he leave major factors out in their relationship, he did not meet his standers as a man. Causing her to leave; he sits and ponders that she is now comfortably enjoying her company elsewhere. Knowingly she loved to dance she mentions, “My baby is dancing, but she’s dancing with another man” (3.9.) When we hear him talk about his baby, he is not referring to