Essay on Brutal: Deception and Twelfth Night Disguise

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Use of disguise in Twelfth night Disguise is presented as a brutal practice. It leaves the one who is in disguise in a complicated state. There are different forms of disguises; some are used for attracting someone while others are used for mislead. In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, disguise is an important component of the play. As the play continues Viola’s disguise creates more controversy. Viola disguises herself as a male to protect herself in an unfamiliar land. Viola’s disguise negatively affects her and results in hurt feelings, deception and misunderstanding for those she encounters. The use of disguise can have a negative impact on the one who is in disguise. Viola cannot express her love for Orsino, even though she is in love with him, she has to express her master’s love for Olivia, Viola says “I’ll do my best to woo your lady − (aside) yet, a barful strife whoe’er I woo, myself would be his wife” (1.4.42−44). She clearly says that she will do her best to woo his love for Olivia aside she says what a tough task to do; she has to express her master’s love even though she is in love with him. Viola faces the obstacle to be in disguise throughout the play, but afterwards she realizes that she is not able to get out of disguise, she says “o time, thou must untangle this, not I. it is too hard a knot for me”(2.2.38−39). It is a difficult for woman to be for herself, without any connections. It was very shrewd move for Viola to disguise herself, viola