Bruton Parish Church Essay

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People who step into the Bruton Parish Church may not realize that their walking on what used to be a hospital for both the Revolutionary and Civil war. 3 Reasons and with those three reasons why the Bruton Parish Church should have a commemorative coin there is also three topics. First of all, why the bruton parish Church was important to need a commemrtive coin is because, it’s still an active church for people to go too and isn’t for show like the Magazine, Capital, and the Governor’s Palace. Secondly, its value to citizens is important because it helps people do or worship for GOD Also, a good connecation to a quote is that its very important and used for things such as Weddings, Funerals, and Baptism. During, your next board meeting you need to think of these reasons why the Bruton Parish Church needs a 2016 commemorative coin. …show more content…
Church services went from everyone having to go to four services to people choosing if they do or do not want to go to church. During, 1677 to 1715 some really important things happened. On the date of November 14, 1677 The Ventry ordered for the second church to be bult of brick on the land donated by John Page a really important man. Also, John Page donated E200 for the church. Its one of the first churches that’s still used today for services. The Bruton Parish Churches’ changes in structure is pretty unique. In, the 18th century it probably used to be made of wood. Then the structure evolved into a brick church. The location of Bruton Parish was central of Williamsburg’s original survey map which was drawn 15 years later. November 21, 1710 the ventry proposed for construction of the third church. Also, the ventry planned for the colonies government and Parish residents. The colonies government came to finance for enlargement for the church at the general assembly. Finally, in 1715 the last Bruton Parish structure was