Bruton Parish Church Location Analysis

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We have to analyze and award one location with a coin to show its importance, the locations are the Bruton Parish Church, Capitol, Governor's Palace, and the Magazine. The Bruton Parish Church, the Magazine, Capitol, and the Governor's Palace are all historically, significant buildings that are all worthy of receiving a coin to show its significance. Due to their crucial impact of the American Revolution, and many other wars. But the one landmark that stood out the most was the Bruton Parish Church. This piece of architecture stands out because it is the most significant out of all the rest. This location also is meaningful for today because we can learn from this church, and it’s still used for church service today.

The first reason why I chose this landmark was because this location was very meaningful to it’s time. This building is a very historic church that was built in 1660. This church is significant because it was the first Anglican church of its time. This structure was also used as a storehouse in the Battle of Yorktown. The Bruton
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Also, we can learn about Governor Francis Fauquier’s life as a result of him being buried there. We can also analyze the structure of the church, and make more churches like this one. We can learn about the patriots, and what they did during the American Revolution, when they weren't interacting with the war. Another thing we can learn is how this structure was used as a hospital during the wars. Finally, we can learn if the significant people who went their such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason, and Richard Henry and see what did they do in their church or if they were religious people. This is important because without the church we wouldn't know much about the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the famous people who went to the