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Kezia Thomas
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March 3, 2015

Paper Body Paragraph 1 Brutus uses the persuasive techniques of bias, adjectives, and the rule of three to alter the Roman citizen’s indignant attitudes. Rather that treating the common people as underlings, Brutus addresses them as “Romans, Countrymen, and Lovers” to create a sense of unity among them (JC.3.2.13). By referring to them as fellow citizens, and patriots, Brutus binds them together as friends aiming towards a concentric goal. Although he killed Caesar, he explains how he did it for them. Them as a whole; Rome. The togetherness would represent compassion and peace towards each other (pathos), which would further exclude all feelings of doubt and anger towards Brutus and the other conspirators. He use the technique of rule of three to catch the people’s attention and eject the idea into their minds, making it memorable. After proving to the people, that he would never do anything dishonest to them, he moves on to asking the Romans if they preferred to “die all [as] slaves”, under Caesar’s rule or to “live all [as] freemen, at the cost of Caesar’s life(JC 3.2.23-25). Brutus merges his fears and Caesar’s assumed course of action to appeal to the rationality of the people. By posing it as question, rather than an accepted statement, he doesn’t give them a chance to argue about it in in the middle of the town square. Accepting it as fact, the citizens are then called upon to think of it as an invading threat that has been eliminated, due to Brutus’s portent actions. As he uses his own personal opinions about Caesars’s ambitions to influence the audience to think negatively about Caesar. By