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Feb. 3rd 2014

In this paper I will take you into the wonderful and exciting world of advertising. We will look at advertising way back from the 1960s, and then some new advertising. We will be identifying the purpose of the ad the social, economic, and cultural influence of the content, who the intended audience was, who the genius that created the ad. Also what the subject of the ad was including main idea how was the main idea supported, and how the ad was organized. We will be looking at style and format, and if the ad was appealing to its intended viewers. Also if each ad representative leaves, and values of society in the time era it was created. The last things we will explore what could be done to make the as more marketable, and if they appeal personally to me.

Pepsi-Cola was founded in 1965, when they merged with a company by the name of Frito-Lay. At this time the company took on the name of PepsiCo. In 1968 Pepsi-Cola’s advertising campaign was Pepsi tastes better than the other colas cold. So the purpose of the said was to show people having fun out in the sun. After playing hard with friends needing a refreshing drink, Pepsi-Cola is the best. In the said it shows young vibrant adults playing football on the beach. It appeals to people because everybody wants to have friends, have good physical health, and above all just have a great time.
Who was the intended audience for this commercial? In this commercial Pepsi-Cola was aiming to influence adults in their late teens through with their 30s. They were also trying to influence people who were health-conscious and like to exercise and play sports. Also targeting anybody who love the beach and outdoors and just like to have a good time.

In 1968 Pepsi-Cola had a team of advertising and marketing professionals that researched and came up with all of their advertising.

The main idea of the said was the Pepsi beats the others cold. They supported this main idea by having people play hard out in the sun, and when tired and dehydrated Pepsi-Cola was their choice of a great refreshing soft drink. Pepsi-Cola organized this ad with a very catchy song, also using attractive males and females, having fun playing and spending time with friends, and after playing hard with friends Pepsi-Cola was just the refreshing soft drink they needed to and the perfect day.

The creative style in this ad is emotional. The writer appeals to people and emotional state of sadness, they are craving happiness, and acceptance. This style of advertising also appeals to people in many other emotional states. The ad convinces people that anything was possible when they drink Pepsi. This ad is very convincing to everyone who loves to watch, and play football.

This ad is written in an informal format. The people in the said are in swimsuits and most are shirtless. The style of this ad plays a large part into the purpose of the ad. In this commercial it shows everyone having a great time with friends, and being accepted. So if you want happiness and acceptance just enjoy a refreshing ice cold Pepsi-Cola.

The dialogue in this ad is from 1968, is not consistent with today’s advertisement qualities. This ad was done in color. In this advertisement young attractive male and females are on a nice beach, with the sun shining bright. They are playing a friendly game of football in about ankle-deep water. It shows them running a couple of plays in the defense blocking and trying to tackle them in the water. Sometimes they fall in the water, this is funny to watch, but must be a good way to cool off in the heat of the day. After the game is over they go onto the beach and enjoy an ice cold refreshing Pepsi-Cola.

This ad represents the values of society by showing the acceptance between friends. It also promotes the fact that women should be treated as