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Distribution Strategy MKT230 A01 Argosy University Darnell Bryant 1/1/2015

In this paper, I will be analyzing information to determine specific answers to questions pertaining to my distribution strategy.

I will be answering many questions concerning potential distribution channels, identifying the length and width of specific channel choices, determining the advantages and disadvantages of vertical/horizontal channel methods, going over the communication process for the product I chose, creating an individual guideline for each of the communication process elements that will aid promotion development, analyzing the promotion activities as they relate to the product life cycle for my product and weighing in on the push and pull techniques.

The vertical advantages I am identifying is that vertical organizations give clarity lines of power and a tight-knit area of control and this can help the operation’s overall productivity. Vertical companies are made up of similarly tiny departmental offices, this gives the bosses the opportunity to tightly monitor and watch over the actions of their staff.

Every department of the company relays information to departments above them, and this works all the way up to the pinnacle of the business chain, and each position generates its own responsibilities. Another vertical advantage is that the people who wants promotions have easy access to a fair treatment up the chain.

The vertical disadvantages are that people who are at the bottom will more than likely feel less appreciated that that of those who are in higher positions. Many workers will not like the political aspect of being in the workplace because they would have to work harder on brown-nosing to their boss. Another vertical disadvantage is that the lower levels of the company can’t work efficiently because of bad leaders at the top and because of the time it takes for the subordinates to receive the information, it can also slim the chances of the entire business to react quickly in the ever trending business society.

The advantages that come with the horizontal effect is that the subordinates can gain better satisfaction in this particular structure because of the freedom and anonymity of the workplace. They has many advantages that can help it become particularly well rounded environment and can cause for a more in-sync system where there a better levels of cooperation.

The constant pressure of creativity can trigger a chain reaction for new organizational ideas and stir up competition. It is set up to have less layer structures so it can have a smooth, easy communication process, making the company access change more frequently than others do.

The horizontal disadvantages are that it can be considered as to free or a “loose ship” as many researchers call it and that the managers and their superiors have very big responsibilities but have limited authority over their subordinates. The biggest disadvantage in my opinion is the lack of authority because that would be the creation of no control and people will begin to blame each other for the mishap.

The potential distribution methods that I may have is almost limitless, the ones I am considering is retail outlets, wholesale outlets, sales force, direct mail, telemarketing, internet marketing and TV/cable, these are the many ways I can distribute information to my targeted consumers.
The push promotional strategy is designed to create a consumer demand for products that are associated with your business serviced through a promotion, for example, a retailer might discount a