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Title: Proposal to Research The Poaching of Animals

Presented to: The English Department Faculty at Arizona State University

Presented by: Phillip T. Bryson Jr.

Date: 2/12/2015


The effect of poaching can be felt all around the word but in recent years poachers have made continents like Africa and Asia the home front for the supply of their trade. For those who are unfamiliar with the term poaching it can be defined, as the hunting, killing or capturing of protected animals. Now you may ask yourself, “ Why would someone want to hunt, kill or capture a protected animal?” Well the majority of poaching is fueled by the price tag high-end buyers place on the animals and their specific parts. So just like in any industry where there is a want, there is someone willing to supply as long as the return out ways the risk. While there are strict laws imposed on the poaching trade, people are still active in the trade without regard to what they are doing to the animals they are poaching. In recent years poaching has been the driving cause for putting many animals into and near the point of extinction.

Now without having any hands on experience in the field as a student at Arizona State University and six-year contributor to the World Wildlife Fund, I propose to research the poaching trade in the home front continents of Asia and Europe. In addition I will provide two opinions on what could possibly be done to curb the mass of the trade or drive the trade completely into extinction. To preform this research and present a recommendation report I estimate that I will need approximately 30-50 hours over the next two weeks. If this proposal were authorized I would begin research immediately and submitting the recommendation report on March 3, 2015. The recommendation report would include the details of our research and recommendation regarding whether and how to proceed with the study.


Currently in the continents of Africa and Asia are considered to be the home front for the supply of the poaching trade. While the estimated revenue of the trade is currently estimated between 8-10 billion, the dissipation it’s causing to certain species has become increasing alarming over the last 50 years. I am developing my proposal on the poaching of animals in hopes of developing a full proof way to help combat and put an end to the trade. My reasoning for this is that something must be done for the animals that are nearing extinction as a result of the value and demand individuals have placed on these defenseless animals. In order to solve this is issue I think that the seriousness needs to be brought out of the dark and into the limelight like other issues such as the war on drug or human trafficking. In addition I feel that in order to make an impact on the trade the economic status of the regions where the supply of the poaching trade is readily felt also needs to be analyzed in how that plays a role in fueling the trade. In order to help gather the information to solidify my theory on how to eliminate the poaching trade I will use scholarly journals and readings on the web, statistical information, and finally reach out to someone who has hands on experience in the field of try to put an end to poaching. The organizational pattern of the proposal will be encompass first identify the problem and following it up with a proposed resolution.

Proposed Program:

With the English Departments at Arizona State University approval, I would preform the following task to determine if my theory for eliminating the poaching trade on the continents of Asia and Africa would be successful.

Task 1. Acquire a basic understanding of the poaching trade in the continents of Asia and Africa.

In order to gain a basic understanding of the poaching trade in the continents of Asia and Africa I will spend extensive time online researching scholarly journals and articles on poaching. I will also reach out to someone