Bs1101 Unit 7 Essay

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BUS1101 Unit 7 Written Assignment
How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case?
As a nature of the sector, which often facing socioeconomics events, cultural shifts, new technologies, new or revised regulations, and new or revised accreditation/certification standards, Health Information Services (HIS) has to deal with changes and new adaptations in constant for its systems at various levels of the organization. Also, HIS is primary concerned with sensitive information like health record. Thus, HIS department has to set a goal that all required transitions move smoothly and seamlessly with maintaining employees motivation appropriately. The major required system shift was the transition from a paper-based data management to an electronic environment with their
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This results in totally opposite direction from the initial expectations of the outcomes. Working smarter is a reasonable approach. This attempt involves considering redesigning for all tasks and jobs in various level of sections in the organization. All of the work processes, procedures, job structures, and physical layout of the employees were reviewed to accommodate all changes. Also, all job tasks were examined for to change or to add or to delete. The negative part is this approach is time-consuming. For example, demographic changes in the clients made HIS Department requires to reflect the system to modify coding and registers. So the management had to assign the change to employees. Another example of a new task was since the healthcare industry is expected more service oriented these days, responsiveness to the email inquiries are monitored as a new requirement, in accordance with the Recovery Audit program under Section 302 of the Tax Relief and Health Car Act of 2006. This also results in redesigning the task distribution to current employees in the