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Steps for a successful software development The Four phases of the SDLC Planning Analysis Phase Design System construction
Installation process
Support plan Planning
Implementation Understand why a information system is needed Develop an analysis strategy
Define the requirements
Create a system proposal Design strategy
Architecture design
Database and file design
Program design Implementation Phase The System Development Life Cycle Conclusion By carefully following the four phases of the system development life cycle and the steps defined in each phase, a information system can be successful by avoiding rough waters and make it safely to shore. By Daniel DeMello-Johnson 1. As with any type of project there needs to a specific plan or blueprint in place to make it successful. Developing a information system by following the four phases in a specific order and following the detailed steps in each phase can help ensure the success of the project.
2. In the planning phase it is determined why the system is needed. The business organization needs to determine if it can be done, its worth to the business, and how it will be used. At this point a project manager is assigned and a project plan is created. The project plan will define the team, place controls on the team, and define the deliverables.
3. In the analysis stage questions as to who, what, where and when are defined. The current process is defined, requirements are gathered, models are created and a system proposal is created and presented to a steering committee for…