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Based on the information in the case study above, identify and discuss what you think are the organisation’s current strategic and operation needs .What policies woud it need to develop or improve to support these needs?

According to the case study, the restaurant is currently in the position of needing new operation strategy. Currently the restaurant doesn’t have any specific strategy toward employee recruitment. From my opinion, the restaurant needs to develop a clear structure of the employee recruitment since this is one of the most important steps toward a successful restaurant. It needs to develop three policies including recruitment, induction, and selection.

Based on the strategies and operation needs you have identified, discuss what the organisation’s recruitment, selection and induction practices needs may be. These practices need to support the strategic and operational direction as identified.

The needs of the recruitment, selection and induction policies may be fully structure recruitment processes and how they select the new employees. After they have selected their new staff they should have provided a complete training program that can help the new staff to be ready on field in the shortest time.

Once you have identified the practices you require, write appropriate policies for recruiting, selecting and inducting staff which can be used consistently throughout all restaurants. You should explain and justify why there is a need for policies and procedures for these activities. You may wish to include supporting documents that facilitate the implementation of the policies you have suggested.

For the recruiting process there will be standard processes that the staff has to run through to recruit people. The processes includes sending out advertisement of the job recruitment also mention the requirement of applying for the job; this process will help the staff to eliminate some of the candidates that will make the recruitment easier to find the right person. Next will be interviewing candidates that will have more understanding of the candidates’ personality and skills. Last will be inviting the final candidates into the training program to get them ready to be on the field as soon as possible. This process has to be standard and no one can miss any step, so we can make sure every staff has the same understanding.

3) Trialling of forms
List the forms and documents that you are using to support the policies and procedures you have described. Explain the process of trialling these forms before they are implemented (how you would do this), and why you think trialling of the forms is necessary.

Induction checklist: a great way to train new employees and let them get to know the company, and any policy that need to be inform and aware.
Induction feedback: gather information from the inductee so improvement on the induction can be done.
Communication template: how to give out information about the company and new policies, what method should be use and the structure for the communication.

4) Issues
Discuss the issues/problems the organization has had in relation to filling vacant positions. What changes do you suggest?

The restaurant has no recruitment policy so It was all based on referral and word of mouth which will lead to a problem that every new staff are in different level of understanding the job. Also, each new staff are trained by different people which will make them inconsistencies since they are taught differently. Also the restaurant doesn’t have advertisement for recruiting new people, so won’t have a lot of candidates to choose which will limit the possibility of ideal candidates.
In order to change, I have following suggestion: create advertisement for the vacant job position have one trainer per section, responsible for the training for that specific section.