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1. Learning and Development Strategy Process

2. Identify Learning Needs
Based on the organisations goals, objectives and the competencies needed to achieve them the learning needs would be identified through the organisations skills audit and training needs analysis.

Example: Tom Smiths basic learning needs:
Installation and Setup of Ultimo;
Navigation through Ultimo;
Identification of Ultimo functions;
Basic Ultimo user operation;
Advanced Ultimo user operation;
Fault finding in Ultimo;

3. Diversity
To accommodate the diversity of needs amongst my team and maximise their participation in the proposed learning opportunities, I would utilise a collaborative and consultative approach.

I would meet with each member of the team and together determine their: specific needs; general needs; preferred learning style – visual, auditory, kinaesthetic; factors that could influence their needs – physical/mental ability, language/literacy skills, family/social commitments.

Once these have been identified we would use this information along with the organisations needs to work together in developing a personalised learning plan. If some of the individuals’ needs or learning style cannot be included in the learning plan then as a Manager I would coach and assist them in learning how to learn using alternative tools.

By adopting a collaborative and consultative approach ensures the learning plan meets the needs of the individual and the organisation and enhances learning participation and effectiveness.

Example: Tom Smith is a full time trainer and needs to learn Ultimo in order to retain his full time position which enables him to support his family. He likes learning and needs to be constantly learning to feel challenged, prevent boredom and maintain his self-esteem. Tom’s preferred learning styles are kinaesthetic and visual as he likes seeing a task first and then trying it for himself. As Tom has a family he is unable to travel over east for extended periods of time to attend training.
4. Expert Support
I would engage internal support from:
Business Manager to determine the organisations goals and objectives so an accurate skills audit can be completed;
Training Manager to source training resources and third party providers;
HR Manager to integrate the teams individual learning plans into their performance plans;
I would source external support from:
Maxihard to provide technical information about the Ultimo product and Train the Trainer courses;
Market/Industry Researchers to provide statistics about the level of public interest and customer demographics;

5. Procedures
The organisations change management procedure will need to be followed to facilitate the introduction of Ultimo by Maxihard to Pete’s IT Training Solutions.

As a result of the change the following procedures would need to be developed, reviewed and implemented:
Use of Ultimo by Maxihard;
Use of Ultimo Sharepoint;
Delivery of Ultimo by Maxihard training course.

6. Sharing of Skills and Knowledge
In the six months leading up to the launch I would encourage the sharing of learning through:
Shared Learning Method
- Development of an Ultimo Sharepoint where learnings can be documented and supporting resources stored to provide a central location for all team members to easily access and review
- Demonstration of skills by full time trainer to part time trainers;
- Learning progress review meetings
- Foster learning and provide opportunities for team members to share
- Document the requirement to share in a procedure
- Recognise/Reward team member who documents the most learnings on the Ultimo Sharepoint
- Highlight the 6 month time frame and the organisations objective to deliver this revolutionary training
Once Ultimo has been launched I would encourage the sharing of learning through:
Shared Learning Method
- Continued utilisation of the Ultimo Sharepoint
- Facilitation of retrospect meeting;
- Compilation of team and