A Team Member Is Opposed To Change

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Project 1
A team member is opposed to changes, which is affecting the continuous improvement plan that senior management are trying to implement. People often resist change for a number of reasons, some of these reasons are:
They feel they no longer have control
Too much uncertainty in change
Humans are creatures of habit
Worried about competency
All these factors need to be considered when approaching the dissenting employee. To be able to get all employees on board with implementing the changes, I need to make them feel a sense of ownership and responsibility over the changes. One way to do this is create a meeting and get them to brain storm ways to divide the changes among themselves and how they can contribute to implementing the changes. The largest change and biggest responsibility will be handed to the dissenting employee so they feel they have control and feel they are competent to help with the changes.
Once each change has been allocated, I will sit with each member to help them decide what goals and targets are needed to implement the changes. The dissenting employee will be given freedom to decide on their own, it may cause the change to take longer than required to implement but it will give the employee control. There will be new skills and training required but I will leave that up to the employees to decide what and when they acquire these new skills.
With changes comes the need to monitor and review. The organisation systems and technology will be altered to have the new changes monitored and staff members will include their goals and targets so they are able to be monitored as well. The systems will gather all appropriate data and make it into an easy to read report with suggestions on issues.
The changes will be reviewed on a weekly basis until it is running effectively and efficiently, once that has occurred it will be reviewed on a monthly basis unless these is a need to do so earlier.
There will be fortnightly meetings with staff to ensure they are happy with their progress and if they need help with reaching or setting new goals. I can also gain feedback from staff on areas they may see as needing improvements or adjustments. It can show where there are issues or