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The pack of BSHS 302 Week 2 Discussion Questions comprises:


Share your thoughts on the evolution of the US Child Welfare System; specifically what do you think is the most effective way of dealing with the problem of child maltreatment (foster care, kinship care, institutional care, or family preservation)? How is this different from the ways child maltreatment use to be handled (institutions, orphan trains, etc.)?

What are the pros and cons of placing children of color in Caucasian homes? Base your discussion on your personal feelings as well as the readings.

Discuss some of the possible reasons for the dramatic increase in self mutilation and suicidal behavior in the US adolescent population


Share your thoughts and impressions of the generalist skills and competencies discussed in Chapter 3. What do you feel are your strongest skills, and in what areas do you feel you need improvement?

Then look over the information on Adolescent services and the problems this population face in Chapter 5. What skills would you need to work with this population? What are ways to develop these skills?

What problem in the adolescent field do you find most interesting? Can you think of an example of this problem from your own experience or the media? Did the adolescent get help? Was it successful? General Questions - General General Questions Select one of the following vulnerable populations:

chronically mentally ill homeless persons victims of violence (refugees, domestic or childhood abuse) immigrants

Write a 1000-1250 word paper (APA format) explaining how critical thinking is used to identify the causes of the problems or issues for this population.

Focus on:

the history of the population the nature of the social problems or issues experienced demographics and common clinical iss...

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