A Written Law Is Called A Statute Or Ordinance

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A written law is called a statute or ordinance
ANYTHING that violates the US constitution can be enforced by NO ONE
QUITABLE remedy (c) A contingent fee – he gets a % only if he wins
7.) C injunction
8.) (b)ALLOW the minor to cancel the contract
9.) (c) executive branch enforces the law
10.) (A) all ABC’s commercial activities
11.) (d) federal always wins vs state
12.) (a) depriving companies the right to freedom of speech is unconstitutional
13.) “Paramus closes on Sundays” , (c) to provide a day of rest
14.) “joys only connection is a web post about nj, but she is not from nj” , © sufficient patter of contact
15.) (b) does not have standing to sue
16.) (C) arbitration; legally binding decision
17.) (D) arbitration clause ; order the part to have to submit to arbitration
18.) (b) counter claim
19.) (d) all of the above ; if evidence is relevant
20.) in order to be legally effect, an offer must (b) be communicated to the offeree
21.)Silence by the offeree (a) is normally not an acceptance
22.) the following will be considered consideration (c) giving up a right that you had or or not doing something that you had a right to do.
23.)(c) all the gas I NEED during the next year at $... a gallon
24.) if the plaintiff is suing for money damages for the tort of fraud (D)
An intentiall misstatement reasonably relied on causing damage “no harm, no tort”
25.) “substantial performance” (A) permits contract to stand
26.) (b) showed reckless disregard for residents
27.)(c) loop holes are not in guidelines
28.) (a) illegal and unethical; side payments for business deal contract
29.) Business people put contract in writing to; (a) to ensure proof of the contracts existence
30.) towing; (b) implied contract
31.) Maximum hours before overtime; 40hrs
32.) (C)only if the injury was an accident
33.) social security is paid by both (c)
34.) email system ;(a) employes did not have a reasonable